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Spoken vs written dialogue: finding the best voice for your characters - Jedidjah Julia Noomen

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Screenwriters are used to writing dialogue for actors. Comic writers will just see their words on the page. And the game writer? The game writer can do both...

This talk is a gentle reminder that written and spoken languages are different. That you'll have to change your perspective when you switch from one way of writing to the other. That different words have different meanings. And that language will be understood differently when read vs when spoken.

Multiple examples from games and other media show will inspire the audience to think about the function and effect of their in-game dialogue. Did you realise that some grammar constructions work better on paper than spoken? And that some jokes work in audio, but not as written words? Start thinking about dialogue writing in a different way, and learn to make your choice on whether to use voiced or non-voiced dialogue early in the process.

Jedidjah Julia Noomen