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I am looking for an internship that will not only help me further develop my skills in 3D modelling and environments, but also help me to complete an 80 hour requirement for my Bachelor course. I live in South Brisbane and use the following programs:

- 3DS Max
- Photoshop
- Unreal Engine 4
- Premier Pro

My core skills are in 3D Modelling however I can do basic animations if needed.

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My graduate film Prismosis.
Completed in 2014 for the Animation and Interactive media course at RMIT.

"In an apocalyptic world rife with magical crystalline zombies, a girl searches for her next meal, but discovers something she didn't quite expect."

Voice acting, Sarah Henzler
Music & Sound, Shawn Manikhout
Additional Sound, Todd Pierce
Producer, Mark Lycette

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