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Dev Diary

Dev Diary is the interview series where the host, Paul James, sits down with some of the brightest minds in the gaming industry and goes through their history, the highs, the lows and everywhere in between

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Pixel Sift

Pixel Sift is an award winning fortnightly video games show that breaks down the complex topics so you can stay informed. Each episode explores the biggest news in gaming and features a game development industry guest from Australasia and the world.

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Game Dev Loadout

A Game Developer Podcast

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Submitted by souri on Thu, 07/05/20 - 9:41 AM Permalink

Kindness and a positive attitude can carry you a long way in this business, Ashley Ringrose of Australia's own SMG Studio can attest to that. SMG has exploded in popularity in recent years and in the shadow of the release of their newest title Moving Out, Ash has joined Paul to talk all about his impressive journey through the games industry so far.…

Submitted by souri on Tue, 21/07/20 - 6:25 PM Permalink

Philip Mayes is the founder and CEO of Mighty Kingdom, an Adelaide games studio closing in on its tenth anniversary. The studio was named Studio of the Year at the 2019 Australian Game Developer Awards, with a super successful focus on developing games for big brand licenses including the likes of Disney, Lego and Conan. Their games reach tens of millions around the world and they're one of the biggest studios in the country in terms of both head count and output.…

Submitted by souri on Tue, 21/07/20 - 7:18 PM Permalink

Seamus talks to Run Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, about how the industry has been dealing with the pandemic, the highs and lows of the first half of the year, and the politics that holds back better support for the business of games in this country. If you're in the industry, or you want to be, or you just want to know what's going on, Ron is the guy and this episode is a great update on everything that's been happening and where things might go next.…

Submitted by souri on Tue, 21/07/20 - 7:19 PM Permalink

Dylan has a really interesting background that led him to arrive where he is today and he has strong opinions about the need for government schemes like tax incentives as part of building a thriving and globally competitive ecosystem. While he's not from Australia originally, and perhaps because he's not, he's got some great thoughts on why this is such a great country to be a game developer in, but also looks at the difficulties of finding the right staff when running a development studio in Brisbane and we explore what's needed to help train developers, to get more of them to the right tier of experience, and to spread the industry around the country and not just always talk about how great things are down in Melbourne.…

Submitted by souri on Tue, 18/08/20 - 3:49 PM Permalink

"This week's show is a chat with two of the leading lights from the League of Geeks, co-founder and design director Blake Mizz and lead producer Lisy Kane. It's a really fun chat with two people I admire a great deal in the local scene and we spend a lot of time talking about the culture they've cultivated at the company as well as how their great game, Armello, has evolved over the years since its launch."…

Submitted by souri on Sun, 23/08/20 - 1:27 PM Permalink

"Wren Brier broke into the gaming industry at perhaps the worst possible time, and yet, in spite of arriving at an unfortunate time in the local scene, has gone on to be a part of some of Australia's most notable and acclaimed titles. Wren joins Paul for a new entry of Dev Diary to talk about the journey so far that culminates in her current work on Unpacking."…

Submitted by souri on Fri, 18/09/20 - 9:06 AM Permalink

Today we're hearing from Steve Wang, General Manager of Wargaming Sydney. Before that he was the CEO of Big World, the middleware developer that used to make massively multiplayer systems and license them to companies, including Wargaming, before being acquired to become part of the World of Tanks family and run this critical aspect of its online infrastructure for the whole company and all its games.…

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