Catapult v1.41.4 Released

Nocturnal has just released Catapult v1.41.4, the latest version of their Game Boy Advance(tm) development system / middleware. The latest version includes new GBA compression support (custom RLE, ADPCM, etc..), support for a user-defined sound cache, improved GBA display compatibility and much more.

In all, there are more than 100 improvements over the previous release.

Catapult (Freeware) update to v1.41

Nocturnal Entertainment has just released an update to Catapult (Freeware) v1.41. The updated package includes the latest users guide, tutorials, CSL 1.2 (Catapult Standard Library) and the latest Catapult build. There are more than 120 improvements over the v1.41 release, and is a must-have for anyone using Catapult.

The French v1.41 package will be released within a couple of days, with the Spanish v1.41 package following within a fortnight.

Nocturnal will also make an announcment in the coming weeks regarding their first commercial title.