Spanish Catapult v1.32b release

Nocturnal has just announced the release of the Spanish version of Catapult v1.32b, which includes a full Spanish users guide (200+ pages). A French release is also expected shortly.

Progress on their internally developed title for the Gameboy Advance (working title "GamesPack#1") has just hit 50%. The title should be unveiled to the public in early March.

Nocturnal will be fully supporting the Independent Game Developers Conference.

Catapult v1.32b Is Out!

Nocturnal Entertainment Australia has announced the release of Catapult v1.32b, the latest version of their development system for the GameBoy Advance.

Catapult currently supports all Windows platforms, with a Linux version being worked on. It includes a editor, emulator, debugger, integrated toolset, and uses a custom language designed around the GBA hardware. Catapult comes with an extensive integrated users guide, and eleven tutorials for beginners.

Catapult v1.32b has the following new features:

X-FIRE demo

Submitted by Noreha

Hi all, just a quick note informing all that went to the AGDC and played x-fire (unsigned game indie - runner-up) that a demo has been released, just go to :