GtkRadiant 1.2.11 released

"There is a lot of new stuff in 1.2.11. New contributors are getting involved and are making things even better. New light radius drawing courtesy of James Monroe at Raven, q3map2 integration with Ydnar's help (yes, it's included in 1.2.11 now), and a lot of tweaking by Arnout at SplashDamage (straight from their Enemy Territory editor). Be sure to read the ChangeLog for all details."

3D Studio Max history

If you're bored, and don't mind reading a little bit of history, then look no further!..

"a suite of animation products (was) produced in the late 1980's for the Atari ST personal computer platform. Although the fact is not widely known, this Atari software, published by a defunct computer magazine called Antic, directly preceded and led to the Autodesk 3D Studio and Discreet 3ds max products used by thousands of people today."

Click here for the pre-history of Autodesk 3d Studio and Discreet 3d Studio Max.

Max 5 Ships!

For those of you who don't know discreet has started shipping the latest installment of the acclaimed modeling package 3d Studio Max 5.