Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack expands focus on PC games with new hire

Australian-based specialist video games industry marketing agency, Surprise Attack, is expanding their operations to cover PC games. Spearheading the strategy is Surprise Attack's new Product Manager for PC games, Lex Suurland, a Former Product and Digital Distribution Manager of Iceberg Interactive.

LMG Indie Games Marketing Course: Indie Games Positioning Workshop

LMG Indie Games Marketing Course: Indie Games Positioning Workshop

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Let's Make Games is proud to present the Second Part of our Indie Games Marketing Course:

First Part can be found at:

Indie Games Positioning Workshop with Chris Wright, Chief Surprise Architect @ Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack was founded by Chris Wright, a veteran of video games marketing with more than 100 campaigns executed under his care for publishers including THQ, Microsoft, Sega, Capcom, Disney Interactive Studios and many more.

Chris will take you through his highly sought-after two hour interactive workshop on how to "position" your game. Using a variety of unique exercises, this Surprise Architect will get you thinking about your games' hooks and themes, and how to emphasise these unique features within the global game market. Prepare to be delighted and astounded as you learn things about your game that you never knew (or perhaps were too humble to admit!), and how this information can boost your marketing efforts.

This event was brought to you with the help of our amazing sponsors:
& City of Perth

Music is "Tea Bean Bags" by Miró Belle, courtesy of Free Music Archive

Game Connect 2011: The Assessment Panel


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Morgan Jaffit - Defiant Development, Paul Callaghan, Chris Wright - Surprise Attack

Submissions to any funding agency go through a process of assessment and evaluation that involves those administering the funds and outside experts who bring a range of experiences and lenses through which to view the applications.

This panel brings together assessors who have worked for state and federal agencies, including Film Victoria, Screen Australia, and Industry and Investment NSW to share what they look for in an application, what works and doesn't work, and how to make your submission stand out.


Morgan is a game developer with over a decades experience in Australia and North America. He's worked for Irrational Games, Relic Entertainment and Pandemic Studios before co-founding Defiant Development in 2010. Defiant are current hard at work on Warco (a game about journalism in warzones) and Quick Quest (an action RPG for mobiles and tablets).


Paul is a freelance writer and independent game developer who has worked in the games industry since 1998 as a programmer, designer, writer, and teacher for companies as diverse as Atari, Infinite Interactive, AIE, 2K Marin, Chocolate Liberation front, the ABC, and The Project Factory. An active member of the development and education community, Paul has presented on topics including writing for games, play, what education can learn from game development, and the fundamentals of game design at the National Screenwriters' Conference, GCAP, VITTA, TEDxMelbourne, the Emerging Writers' Festival, the State Library of Victoria, Screen Australia, ACMI, CAE, and RMIT. Paul is the director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival and currently sits on the board of the Game Developers Association of Australia and the advisory panel for if:Book Australia. His writing on games, play, and storytelling has appeared online at if:Book Australia, Kill Your Darlings, ibrary, The Edge, and The Australia Council for the Arts, and in print in the Emerging Writers' Festival Reader, Newswrite, Storyline, and Meanjin.

Chief Surprise Architect at Surprise Attack -

Chris Wright is a veteran of video games marketing with more than 100 campaigns executed under his care for publishers including THQ, Microsoft, Sega, Capcom, Disney Interactive Studios and many more. He was the Marketing Director for THQ's Australian studios (Blue Tongue Entertainment and THQ Studio Australia) when they were closed in August 2011 and recently launched Surprise Attack, a marketing agency focused on helping independent developers promote their games. Chris has been a member of Film Victoria's Digital Media Assessment Panel since 2009. The panel assesses applications in respect of Film Victoria's Digital Media funding programs, providing recommendations to the Board for final approval.

Surprise Attack and a new kind of publishing

Chris Wright, the former Marketing Director for THQ's Australian studios, has submitted a piece for Screen Play's 'Your Turn' segment which describes the moment he decided to go independent and establish Surprise Attack, a consulting agency focused on providing a full suite of marketing services to independent game developers.

Games Industry Veteran launches marketing agency for Independent Developers

Independent games developers have come to the realisation that, apart from trying to do as much as possible in their particular area of expertise on their games, they need to wear many additional hats in unfamiliar areas like business, marketing, and sales. It's a sad reality that most simply do not have the time or even the necessary skills needed for these crucial areas.