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Games Industry Veteran launches marketing agency for Independent Developers

Independent games developers have come to the realisation that, apart from trying to do as much as possible in their particular area of expertise on their games, they need to wear many additional hats in unfamiliar areas like business, marketing, and sales. It's a sad reality that most simply do not have the time or even the necessary skills needed for these crucial areas.

Marketing has been an increasingly important factor for indie games developers, particularly in the crowded markets that many are trying to break in to, and one only needs to look at local devs like Firemint and Halfbrick Studios to notice how important it is for them when they have dedicated full-time staff to handle this particular job. When you're an indie and you're limited by funds or by what you can personally do, you cannot afford to have someone full-time with the expertise to successfully market your games and you'll simply try to fit in as much as you can in between your already substantial work requirements and more than likely won't do a good job of it.

Wouldn't it be convenient if there was a service that took care of marketing for you? Well, wish no more, because now it is available. Surprise Attack is a new consulting agency focused on providing a full suite of marketing services to independent game developers. It is established by games developer veteran and former Marketing Director at THQ's Australian studios, Chris Wright. Chris has executed more than 100 campaigns for publishers including THQ, Microsoft, Sega, Capcom, Disney Interactive Studios and many more...

(Chris Wright) As someone about to enter their fourth decade of gaming, I'm incredibly inspired by the current surge of independent development...

With this new breed of developers, comes the need for a new breed of publishing services. Our job is to make their games a success and let the developers focus on making fantastic and fun experiences, secure in the knowledge their output will receive the marketing support it so deserves."

One of the first developers to get onboard Surprise Attack's services is Melbourne based indie developer, The Voxel Agents. I've personally discussed the issue of marketing with a few Voxel Agent devs in the past, and it's definitely one area they knew they could do a lot more help with...

"We continue to grow and learn as creative game developers, but we still don't know marketing," said Simon Joslin, Creative Director at The Voxel Agents. "Chris will fill the void with research, strategy and product launch experience. It looks like a perfect match."

As part of the Surprise Attack launch, a beta trial is open for developers to apply and try out the service from October to December, 2011, at no cost. Select developers will be given guidance and help on: game positioning; competitive analysis and pricing strategy; brand and communications strategy; PR and publicity; co-marketing deals and partnerships; advertising; assistance with funding grant applications.

You can apply to be part of the beta trial at Developers already signed up to participate in Surprise Attack's beta trial include:

The Voxel Agents (Melbourne), creators of the smash hit Train Conductor series
Bane Games (Brisbane), the team behind upcoming naval combat game Battle Group
Pixel Elephant (Melbourne), developers of recently released 'sokoban' title, Puzzled Rabbit
Small Green Hill (Melbourne), developers of upcoming platform puzzler, Ball on a Wall