Tantalus looking for Lead Programmers

We are looking for two senior programmers to join our expanding Melbourne studio. You will either be an experienced lead (having shipped a title), or a senior programmer with 4+ years of experience who is ready to step up and lead a team.

We offer an above-average salary, and the opportunity to manage a team of exceptionally talented programmers on a dynamic, high quality title. Other benefits of working at Tantalus include: paid primary carer's leave, a 'crunch free' environment, royalty share program, long service sabbatical, and much, much more.

Tantalus is looking for programmers and artists

Come and join us at Tantalus. We offer a work environment unparalleled in Australia, complete with a studio full of highly talented highly trained professionals who share your passion for making world beating games.

Game Programmers

Selection Criteria:
Proficiency in C/C++
A qualification, or part of a qualification, in a course such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Mathematics (or equivalent experience)

Tantalus announces original Wii title in the works

Tantalus Media is celebrating its biggest year to date with the release of the DS and GBA versions of Cars: Mater National, other DS titles released this year include the hugely successful Pony Friends and Top Gear: Downforce. Also slated for release this year is the DS and PSP versions of MX vs. ATV: Untamed.

CEO, Tom Crago, said he was delighted with the way the company was positioning itself in an ever evolving market.

Free Play 2007 - Why I Really Still Love You

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4:30pm Why I Really Still Love You

Newbie game developers are everywhere, but their love of game development is often short lived; like puppy love it goes away real quick when the going gets rough. So how do great developers maintain the love through the tough times and, perhaps more importantly, why do they stick it out? Veteran insiders express the real reasons why they still love games development.

David Hewitt (Creative Director at Tantalus)
Eve Penford-Dennis (Senior Art Tutor at AIE, previously from Psygnosis, System 3, Infogrames and Atari)
Andrei Nadin (Producer at Tantalus)