Pony Friends Footage

Just a few weeks ago, Gamespot put up some ingame footage of Pony Friends. Pony friends is described as a "virtual pet game designed exclusively for the Nintendo DS", and will hopefully do for pony fans what Nintendogs did for dog enthusiasts. It's also developed by Melbourne based developer, Tantalus, and the new footage shows off some of the things you could do in-game like cleaning your pony, and taking it out for a ride. Check it out!

3D Artists for Tantalus

Tantalus Interactive ( www.tantalus.com.au) is currently seeking experienced 3D game artists to work on a number of titles spanning, handheld and next generation gaming platforms.

We are looking for candidates with exceptional low poly modeling and texturing skills.

Applicants are to provide examples from at least 2 of the following categories: props, characters, vehicles and environments.

Entry level positions may also considered for outstanding applicants.