Trick Star set for an E3 debut

Tantalus Interactive today announced its latest handheld offering, Trick Star, for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. Tantalus is one of the world’s foremost handheld game developers, with Trick Star following fresh on the heels of last year’s GBA hit Top Gear Rally. Established in 1994, Tantalus has released over twenty titles, including a string of high profile releases on Game Boy Advance.

Tantalus Opens Malaysian Studio

Tantalus Interactive today announced the establishment of Tantalus Asia, a studio based in Kuala Lumpur that will focus on developing titles for wireless devices. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tantalus Interactive was founded in 1994 and has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading handheld game developers. The company also makes games for console, including the recent hit Unreal 2 for X-Box.

Gamespy reviews Top Gear Rally

Gamespy has a review of Top Gear Rally, a Gameboy Advance racing title by Melbourne developers Tantalus...

"The combination of a polygonal course and superbly rendered car sprites (running with no noticeable slowdown) make this an excellent example of the GBA's capabilities. ... Top Gear is certainly one of the best racing titles for the system...."

Gamespy gives Top Gear Rally four out of five stars, and you can read the interview by clicking here.