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Heroes Of The Pacific Picked Up By Ubisoft

SAN FRANCISCO ? August 29, 2005 ? Today Ubisoft, one of the world's leading video game publishers, announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with Red Mile Entertainment? to publish and distribute the Heroes of the Pacific? video game in North America for the PlayStation?2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox? video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC. Heroes of the Pacific is a dramatic World War II aerial combat-action game developed by IR Gurus of Australia. Heroes of the Pacific will be available September 28, 2005, for consoles and in October 2005 for the PC.

Heroes of the Pacific previews

There's a fair bit of coverage on Heroes of the Pacific by IR Gurus, just in time for its impending release in September...

"Graphically, Heroes of the Pacific holds its own very well, and it's nice to see that the game is able to render all those aircraft without slowdown. The details could be better, but hey, who cares when you can conquer the skies."

- Boomtown preview

Movie and Release Date for Heroes of the Pacific

Codemasters have released a trailer movie and announced the release date for Heroes of the Pacific, a WW2 aerial combat by Melbourne developers IR Gurus and That Game (who I have been told are now part of IR Gurus)...

Prepare for full-on aerial combat in the most incredible battles from the Pacific Theatre of World War II in Heroes of the Pacific?, coming this September for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

AFL Premiership 2005 Coming Late July

There's another article on AFL Premiership 2005 (this is the correct title, folks) at the Sydney Morning Herald, outlining some of the enhancements and new features expected from the game by developers IR Gurus...

Melbourne-based developers IR Gurus have completely rebuilt the popular AFL simulation for the latest edition. Online play is supported for enjoying matches against faraway friends and player animation is smoother and more varied...

Former Carlton and Sydney Swans champion David Rhys-Jones offered tactical advice to improve the game's strategic realism.

PALGN Previews AFL Live 2005

PALGN has a quick preview of AFL Live 2005 with a promise of a full review when the game is released...

"AFL Live 2005 has been in development longer than any other AFL game released. IR Gurus seem to have really put some effort into developing the game, so it should be better than its predecessors. But we aren't getting too excited until we get to actually play the game in less than two months.

PALGN will have a full review soon

Ok, I'm officially confused. Is it: AFL Live 2005, AFL Premiership 2005, or AFL 2006 ? :/

Gaelic Football 2005 exclusive for PS2

Fans hungry for news on Gaelic Football 2005 will be either happy or dismayed to know that the game will be a Playstation 2 exclusive, and that they will have to endure a wait until perhaps Christmas to get their fix of the wacky sport...

The game - designed by the Aussie company - will be fully licensed by the GAA and will be exclusively released on the Playstation 2 console.

As such, the brand new game will not be available either on the X-box or PC.

Codemasters Signs Heroes of the Pacific

Codemasters today confirms it has secured the PAL co-publishing and distribution rights to Heroes of the PacificTM for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC...

Coming this September, Heroes of the PacificTM puts the player in the boots of the courageous men who fought like heroes in incredible aerial and naval conflicts from the Pacific Theatre, 60 years ago.

Developed by chart-topping Australian games company IRGurus, Heroes of the PacificTM lets you experience the exhilaration of historic flight combat in an all-action game...