Transmission Games

Transmission Games severs ties with Heroes Over Europe publisher

Redmile Entertainment are in dire straights. The publisher for two games including Heroes over Europe which is in development at IR Gurus/Transmission Games, and Sin City (which IR Gurus/Transmission Games were working on before it was passed on to another developer) has released a document on the concerns of the company and what it must do to stay afloat. One paragraph in the report explains bluntly that if Redmile cannot get an increased amount credit within the next 30 days, it will cease all operations.

Sound Designer opening at Transmission Games

We are seeking a Sound Designer to join Transmission Games, a Melbourne based developer. We are currently working three next gen (PS3, XBox360) titles, in the sports, flight and action genres.

Reporting to the Producer and taking direction from the design team, the Sound Designer will be responsible for designing sound to enhance the overall feel of the game-play experience.

Focus Testing at Transmission Games

Screenplay has posted the news that Melbourne developer, Transmission Games (previously known as IR Gurus), is making a call for focus testers on a yet to be announced major cricket game. Transmission Games are "hoping to involve the games community in the development of the project right from beginning". If you're interested in taking part, then fire off an email to Transmission Games designer, Heath Smith, at for more details!

Senior Artists & Lead Artists for Transmission Games

Transmission Games is a video games company in Melbourne, Australia. The recently released Heatseeker, AFL Premiership 2007, the record-breaking Gaelic Games: Football, the multi-award winning World War II combat flight game Heroes of the Pacific, have all cemented the company's position as a significant, international game development studio.

During this time, the company has grown from thirty employees to over one hundred, spread across three development teams.

Heroes Over Europe fact sheet

A fact sheet has been released to the press on Heroes Over Europe, the aerial dogfighting action game in development at Melbourne's Transmission Games. The fact sheet reveals the platforms that Transmission are planning to release the game on, and the features to be expected come 2009 when it's released. Check it out below!

Heroes Over Europe

Transmission Games no longer working on Sin City

Melbourne developer, Transmission Games (formerly IR Gurus), is no longer working on the game adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel, Sin City. A Red Mile Entertainment representative has told Gamespot that "Transmission is focusing on Heroes Over Europe, which is quite an important title for us", and that another unannounced developer had been passed the responsibility of developing Sin City quite some time ago.

Senior Environment Artist for Transmission Games

We are seeking a Senior Environment Artist to join Transmission Games, a Melbourne based developer. We are currently working three next gen (PS3, XBox360) titles, in the sports, flight and action genres.

Reporting to the Environment and Project Lead Artists, the Senior Environment Artist will be responsible for the creation of Environment assets and entire levels for PS3 and Xbox360 Games.

Atari announces publishing agreement for Transmission Games' Heroes Over Europe

Atari has announced that they've picked up the publishing duties for Heroes Over Europe, the sequel to the tactical flight combat game, Heroes of the Pacific, both developed at IR Gurus (who are now known as Transmission Games). Heroes Over Europe is scheduled for a release in 2009 on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, and is touted to have a comprehensive online focus with 16 players able to battle it out online simultaneously, all running on a sparkly new engine.