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AFL Live: Premiership Edition Details and Interview

PALGN.COM has some details and an interview on their site about AFL Live: Premiership Edition. The links below will point you to the new features expected from the soon-to-be-released title (possibly April the 23rd), along with an interview which explains in more detail about the features, and also how AFL Live: Premiership Edition fits in the scheme of things in regards to the AFL Live franchise.

Controversy on IR Gurus/Sony Deal

There seems to be some controversy regarding the IR Gurus and Sony deal announced a month ago. Apparently, there were plans to produce a locally made gaelic football game headed by a prominent gaelic footballer before the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) had authorised Sony and IR Gurus a license. Unhappy with the news (which could cause problems with use of player names and images for their game), the locals are talking with Microsoft to make a competing gaelic football title.