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Acclaim announces AFL Live 2004

Acclaim Entertainment (NASDAQ: AKLM) today launched the sequel to AFL Live 2003 with AFL Live 2004 due to hit the shelves in August 2003. AFL Live 2004 will have vastly more gameplay, many new features and some surprises, which will keep gameplayers glued for hours on end.

The new AFL Live 2004 game is for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, PlayStation 2 video game system from Sony Computer Entertainment as well as a PC-CD Rom version.

AFL Live 2003 delayed

Zdnet reports that AFL Live 2003 has been delayed.

"We wish to advise that the current delay in the launch of AFL Live 2003 on X Box has been brought about by a unique technical issue.

Microsoft and Acclaim are working closely together to solve this issue and effect the launch of this much anticipated game as soon as possible.