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Latest works by JeffTalbot
  • At little project I did to design a skin that would fit in the game Ring of Elysium over their character Bradley. I wanted him to feel more like a firefighter than a soldier while also adhering to the games current skin restrictions.

  • Here's a more final look at the trolls you'd encounter. A tribal race that lives along the marshlands collecting anything that happens to wash up. Dead or alive it doesn't care, it'll keep it (or you) all the same.

  • Here are some design explorations I did earlier in the year for the amazing team at Cold War Game Studios and their on going project DungeonHaven. The game is still in development and is shaping up to be really awesome. Be sure to check it out!…

  • Introducing Necros the Necromancer King. Surrounded by hordes of his faithful undead minions how will our hero defeat him to save the day... and also get some cool armour...

  • Introducing Celestia, the leader of the Crusades and an undeniable badass. She might working for the good guys but she's definitely planning something sinister behind the scenes.

  • Here's a more photo-realistic take on how I imagine The Crusader would look like in game.

  • Here are a few Troll and Ogre explorations for some of the many creatures the Crusader might encounter along his journey.

  • I wanted to include more interesting armour types for the Crusader to collect and wear so I decided to design different variants of Living Armour. This first set is based on Insects that protect the Skeletons/Crusader from damage as well as give…

  • Exploring the very first skeleton enemy you'd encounter in the game and how the Crusader would utilise their armour after defeating them.

  • I wanted to see how far I could push the different types of skeletons you'd encounter. I imagine the game being made today with Dark Souls like combat, so I tried to design enemies that would reflect that and be interesting to play against.