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Hi! My name is Tom and I'm a Generalist Game Developer and Direct Sales Veteran.

I recently completed my Bachelors Degree in Game Development after making a career change decision in 2020. My sales, business and entrepreneurial driven background is my defining attribute, but also my ability to learn anything and specialise quickly really sets me apart from my peers.


30 years playing games from all genre's and platforms
22 years in competitive gaming and Online Clan Management
20 years working in direct sales, F2F, B2B, B2C, CC
10 years in senior sales management, recruitment, advertising and project management
5 years 3D graphics, Level Design, Character Design
2 years Game Design, C#, Unity, Unreal Engine

Additional Relevant Information:

Originally attended Qantm in Brisbane in 1999 at age 16
Dropped out due to insufficient income and finished High School
Pursued career in sales, while maintaining a hobby in Mod development for Quake, HL1 and other games.

Literally a little bit of everything

Favourite Quote:
"True genius is knowing where to find the answer." (Einstein).