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Pandemic Studios Brisbane no more

Submitted by Lach on Fri, 20/02/09 - 12:42 PM Permalink

Don't make generalisations like that, it undermines what you say.
The head guys at Pandemic LA, for example, aren't like that- they're "american" but in my experience they were 100% practical,100%commonsense, approachable, and for the longest time they really delivered and were quite generous.- at least that's the way it felt.
As for Canadians, ones I've met are quite similar to Australians value wise- and given the amount of games and animation that comes out of there...something goes right somewhere somehow.

It would be more true to say australians like their work to speak for them/work hard do good work and people will notice,
whereas american's are used to climbing over heads to be noticed(and if you don't do likewise then they think you're not up for it and that you don't think you're up for it either). Which is a problem.

As for the fly by night, itinerant sort of workers that are attracted to a paid holiday on a remote island(australia) and have nothing effectively to lose-
yes they happen but they can come from anywhere.
I think you'll find that for them, and EA in particular, money talks,
so then Australians need to make things that do well financially- THEN you'd have more respect.
I think there's a world of hurt created as a result of the worry about the make or break financial side for some of these games.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 20/02/09 - 1:40 PM Permalink

.......not for the spot on post mate, but for all the inspiration you brought the team. Your work was greatly appreciated by myself and alot of others. Your work and your creativness inspired me every day.

Submitted by Lach on Fri, 20/02/09 - 2:02 PM Permalink

If I was some sort of inspiration to others,-
maybe I better go and put some pants on.

Seriously though thanks for that, it means a lot.

Submitted by BenStride on Sun, 22/02/09 - 4:40 PM Permalink

All of this anonymous libel is unproductive and stupid. I was a tools programmer on Team Bravo, and on DAH2 before that, I've worked on a bunch of AAA titles, and with a lot of people, good and bad. None of the people who are having their names dragged through the mud here deserve it. Adam is a smart guy with a lot of experience and who knows what he wants. Kirk is a great coworker, always positive and focused on the quality of the game. Robin was a great lead, a good programmer and a good manager; a rare combination. I'd happily work with any of them again.

I really enjoyed working at Pandemic, and I mourn its loss. It's one of the best places that I have ever worked, with a great bunch of talented and motivated people. It's disappearance is a real loss to the Australian industry, especially to the Brisbane game development scene.

Ben Bastian

Reports have come in confirming that the remaining employees at Pandemic Studios Brisbane have been let go after losing their bid in getting publisher interest for their Wii game called "The Next Big Thing" in the hope of finishing its development.

The open world reality show game was in production for the Wii by the second team at Pandemic Studios Brisbane before owner and publisher Electronic Arts let many staff go and cut loose the studio in early January. The final dozen or so remaining staff at Pandemic Brisbane were notified today that all avenues have been exhausted and were let go.