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Big Ant digs PhyreEngine

Submitted by Bittman on Tue, 24/03/09 - 4:09 PM Permalink

I don't like them, because its always a selected sentence about why things are awesome and never provides critical response.

That said, some high/medium-profiled testimonials there.

Big Ant: "fully harness the power of the PS3" <- would actually like to see something that does, because to date I still haven't heard of anything stressing the Behemoth Juggernaut machine that Playstation 3 was made to be.

Submitted by designerwatts on Tue, 24/03/09 - 4:37 PM Permalink

Sometimes best to take press releases with a grain of salt.

With talking with programmers in the industry and their views on programming for the PS3 the words "Fully Harness the power of the PS3" probably means "Cut out some of the arbitrary bullshit that comes with programming with the multicore core/cell setup."

Which as far as getting down to actually making games it can only be a good thing. So while I agree the press release is sugarcoated with selected wording it might well be a step in the right direction for Big Ant. If it saves a few programmers time and sanity though it'll be worth it.

Big Ant Studios has provided some assuring words for Phyreengine which is included in the announcement by Sony on the latest version of the games development framework. was announced at the GDC, and Sony's press release contained the following word bytes from the Melbourne based developer...

Australian developer Big Ant Studios. Ross Symons, their CEO added "PhyreEngine has cut down Big Ant's development time significantly while allowing us to fully harness the power of the PS3. PhyreEngine has given us the opportunity to focus less on tech and more on creating good games."