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Next plan 4 Sumea-making uploading images simpler

Posted by souri on Mon, 15/03/04 - 3:13 PM

I'm aware the image uploading procedure on Sumea for our members is something that needs to be simplified - in fact, it's quite possible to make it extremely simple and failsafe, but it comes at a cost. It's going to require me to purchase an asp component - something like [url=""]this would be ideal[/url] (costing $150 US or $205 AUS). I may have to see if anyone is willing to sponsor us for it (unfortunately I don't have Visa, MasterCard and American Express to pay for it either [:P]), but basically with this component installed, it'll make image uploading so much easier. All you would have to do is upload your large images then write your news. The component will make the thumbnails for you, and you won't have to worry about the naming conventions, file sizes, and image dimensions.
Also, I'm pretty sure there are already components installed which can check images for their width and height details, so basically we wouldn't need members sticking to 800x600 images either (although I do like that size for consistency).

Anyway, that's the plan. [:)] I'm also planning to make the Sumea Calendar a bit more flashy. You know, like a proper calendar graphic showing the current month and days with events marked etc..

Submitted by J I Styles on Mon, 15/03/04 - 7:20 PM Permalink

first of all I like the idea of making the whole process more streamlined and easier - even with the step by step process it confuses a lot of people and is very cumbersome. Two points I'd like to raise:

1)As an asp component it's a small little chunk of money but would be easily integrated into the existing scheme. However, have you thought of installing PHP and embedding parts to that through the asp pages? Reason I ask is because there's free thumbnailing and image manipulation code floating around out there and well... it's always cheaper if its free right [:)]

2) People upload their stuff to get a little exposure, they want to present themselves in as best as possible way. Personally I'd prefer to have the control of image compression, cropping and scale of content in the thumbnail, to direct its quality by hand instead of relying on an automated thumbnailing generator - probably because the ones I've seen don't sample down, but come out all aliased and choppy.

Anyway, I like the idea, just wanted to raise those 2 points [:)]

Submitted by souri on Thu, 25/03/04 - 5:06 PM Permalink

1) Is that possible (using PHP components on an ASP server)? I haven't looked into it. I'm organising some extra sponsorship at the moment so just paying the once-off cost of this component would seem the easiest solution to everything.

2) I can leave the step-by-step option in there if people want to do their own thumbnails. A better solution though would be to just reupload the thumbnails.

Submitted by redwyre on Fri, 26/03/04 - 6:32 AM Permalink

Just port the site to php dammit!