Australian citizen but no passport?

My dad has an ozzie passport, and I have managed to get Australian citizenship by default as im under 25. I currently live in the UK and only have a British passport. Does anyone know If I still need a visa or ozzie passport if I want to emmigrate to oz? Or can I just turn up at customs with my Brit passport and my certificate of citizenship? Bit of a technical question i know, just thought someone on these forums might have an idea.


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To get into Australia as an Australian citizen you need an Australian passport or a valid VISA in your UK passport. It's that simple :) An Australian citizenship certificate isn't enough, and there's a good chance they'll send you back to the UK on arrival if that's all you have.

What you need to do it contact the Australian embassy in the UK and apply for an Australian passport through them. You'll need to supply your certificate of citizenship, birth certificates, and some information about your father, etc. If you're already a citizen, then you should be able to get a passport no problems.

Good luck :)

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You can hold dual-citizenship.

As OJ mentioned, contact the Australian Embassy in London and apply for your passport. Should only take a few weeks.

If applying by mail don't send your original certificate, unless they specifically ask for it, you can get a certified copy at either a police station or a Justice of the Peace (JP) or court Judge.

Make sure you send it Full Registered Post - it won't get lost easily that way. (We've had stuff go missing even with signed Royal Mail before).

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Dual Citizenship rocks! When I want to visit a country that's upset with the US, I just us my Aussie passport and vice versa. Then again, it does have it's drawbacks, like, being interviewed by the FBI and having your security clearence denied due to you being a "threat" since you hold allegences with 2 countries. What, like I'm going to sell secrets about 50 year old atomic bombs to Australia? Shoot, the US use to set bombs off down under, I'm sure they know more then I would ever know. Ah well, that was a past life anyways...

Like the other guys have said, you need to get an Aussie passport otherwise you won't be let in.