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can you help (Sydney courses)

gday again my next question is where in sydney would a good place be to study in game development,2d,3d and all stuff like that.the army is giving me 4 grand to study anything i want,so i would like to do games and game media.i only have 1 yr to spend the money thoe. mainly sims and strategy or action.working on games as a level designer or as a military consultant or in a mag as a reveiwer in the game biz.any1 know where i could get a start.i have great ideas, like every 1 dose,i just need the chance to use them.could some1 email me with any info you think could help.thanks DG.[?]

Submitted by souri on Sat, 25/01/03 - 12:41 PM Permalink

That's it.. I'm gonna make this topic sticky until there are a few good answers to this one. [:D]
There's a lot of 3D related courses advertised in the back of Digital Media World. I'll hunt some down and write it here..

Submitted by devils guard on Sat, 25/01/03 - 11:05 PM Permalink

thanks,atleast i got a responds.i thought i stunk.mmmmmm maybe i do.

Submitted by Dilphinus on Sun, 26/01/03 - 1:52 PM Permalink


I think Charles Sturt University offers something in Games. But I'm not sure if they still have it. University of Technology Sydney might have something. And also the Australian Radio and Television School have short courses.

Submitted by devils guard on Thu, 30/01/03 - 12:44 AM Permalink

thanks ill check them out.its nice to have some help

Submitted by souri on Thu, 30/01/03 - 8:52 AM Permalink

I've had a look and I could only find these two places... I don't have any first hand knowledge on how good they really are or how much the course costs for the Enmore centre, but you should check them out (and let us know [;)])... I'm sure there are dozens of small 'multimedia/3d graphics' institutions littered around Sydney too of varying degrees of usefulness..

Tafe NSW Silicon Graphics Centre
Design Centre, Enmore College
110 Edgeware Road,
Enmore NSW 2042 .. phone: 02 9394 5716

(Note: the Enmore design centre is top notch)


Mad Academy
Building 220, Room 101a
Fox Studios Australia,
Driver Avenue,
Moore Park, NSW 1363

(Discreet Approved Training Centre - learn 3DS Max from Discreet themselves? Can't go wrong there!)

Most of the courses last for a few days, and cost around $1000 or so.. but there's a new one

3D Artist / Animator's Course
(5 months / full time / $9900)

It's out of your price range unfortunately, but it looks interesting. I wish I could go to that!

** argh.. just re-read your first post... These courses are for 3d modelling, not a level design or a mag as a reveiwer etc.. I'm not sure if there is any level/game design related courses in Sydney..

Submitted by Brain on Fri, 31/01/03 - 3:02 AM Permalink

Unaware of Games courses in Sydney, though if you were wanting to do level design or magazine reviewer, go about it another way. Do an Architecture or Creative Writing course.

Shall keep my eyes and ears out though...

Chris Bowden

Submitted by souri on Fri, 31/01/03 - 11:38 AM Permalink

Gazunta might be able to give you some tips on being a games journalist.. (here's your cue Gazunta [;)])

Submitted by devils guard on Wed, 05/02/03 - 10:48 AM Permalink

wow thanks for your replys.i do have more money than the 4000 grand now my better options.great thanks ill check the enmore site out and the 10000 grand course.its 4 free and the goverment pays.ha ha
its all part of a vetrans deal.thank u again.
Gazunta would b nice to hear what u have to say.

Submitted by Sertan on Fri, 07/02/03 - 4:10 AM Permalink

- You could try to look for some courses at [url][/url]. They have Australian courses, I believe. You might find one located in Sydney.

- You could also check out the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, though it's based in Canberra, and you said Sydney...

- At Charles Sturt University, Bathurst Campus, there's a Bachelor of Computer Science(Computer Games Technology).

Of course, you could try your hand at courses that aren't game specific, but the course provides practical work where the area you decide to work on is up to you. Some of these are at University of Technology Sydney, under the Faculty of Design.

That's all I know.

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