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the best options?

Alright I m from India really keen to get into the gaming industry. Have a reasonable background in 3d animation using both 3D Max and Maya though i more comfortable with the former. But what I really wanna know is of the few schools that i have come across in Australia or New Zealand such as Media Design School, Auckland or AIE, Australia and others, which would be the best bet to break into the industry. We really don't have game development specialty schools here in India and the US or UK would be quite heavy on the pockets so it would be really cool if any of you cud guide me little in that direction.

Submitted by Me109 on Sat, 14/08/04 - 12:18 AM Permalink

coming to australia to study any kind of course is going to be pricey for a foreign student... it's usually twice the price for anyone out of town.. I'm not sure about how New Zealand works.. but it's possible its similar to the system here in Oz... None of them are really gonna let you break into the industry.. that still is up to the individual to make the effort... the industry here is slowly starting to line itself with the education system.. so more and more courses will be offering somekind of job placement / work experience in the near future ( I hope so )