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Adelaide GameDev Meetup no.04

2nd Week in December: Tuesday 14th

Inquiry details:

Main Note: Tykeil is now in China, for 3 months+ so I, (Bane Star) am hosting the event for the next 3, I'm rather different in that I prefer a bit more 'event handling' if someone else would like to be host to the event themselves.. please feel free.

Uni S.A. City West, Room GK2-12.

please email me or post in this thread:
saying that you are coming so the venue can accomodate us more easily. is not necessary, is polite.

Anyone who would like ongoing emails each month with details for the next meetup contact Tykeil on the above adress.

Notes for venue:
Due to the Location, UniSa has a Gate, which only Unistudents can get through, This gate is shut at 6:00pm, so if you hang around longer than that, you'll need to leave with me, or another of the Uni Students attending the meetup

BUT, The best part, is that a Computer and Projector are part of the room, so bring along your 'show offs' on disk/CD or post on the web and we can access it on the day

EVENT: alot of people have asked for some formality to the event, so I have researched the growing Web-Games market and the marketing potential, this proves to be one of the main 'hidden' markets for the current and future independant games developers.. I'll probably stretch out 45 minutes of information and answer questions, but its mostly informal.

again, since I'm playing host.. It wont be quite the same as the last few meet-ups, a little more formal... hopefully more interesting,.

see you all there!

Submitted by souri on Sun, 21/11/04 - 2:56 AM Permalink

I reckon the Brisbane IGDA chapter have got it sweet. A lan and a BBQ! You can't go wrong with that, and I think it takes the pressure off people running out of things to say development-wise, and to just relax and chill out as well..

Lan, BBQ, Beer = Good times. [:D]

Submitted by Bane Star 00 on Sun, 28/11/04 - 11:21 PM Permalink

Addendum: Still waiting on the Feedback from those who asked for a Tuesday 14th Meet-up.. If they do not reply.. the fall back date will be Friday 10th, This way.. all those who would like to go onwards to a Bar/Pub for more socialising can so.

Submitted by Daemin on Mon, 29/11/04 - 7:28 AM Permalink

Friday night or tuesday, they both should be fine...

Submitted by Gareth White on Fri, 03/12/04 - 4:04 PM Permalink

Did you guys have meeting?
I rekon some of the Ratbag ( crew would be interested in attending.
Post a write up about the event here!

I also notice that while some of the other states have IGDA ( chapters, SA doesn't. You should think about forming one. It's beneficial for students and professionals.

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 04/12/04 - 12:24 AM Permalink

Funny bit of news, I was riding on the bus wednesday morning, and I didn't realise it but Tony Albrecht (hope I spelt the name correctly), sat down next to me. But the bad news is that I only confirmed that it was him after he got off the bus...


Submitted by Bane Star 00 on Wed, 08/12/04 - 12:17 PM Permalink

Finally I have confirmation for the room & times

Its UniSA west campus.. GK2-12 the official meet-up time is from 4pm to 6pm but I fudged the time sheet to go to 8:00pm.

we have the room starting at 3:00pm and I'll be there then setting up the lap-top and projector.. incase anyone is not doing anything and rocks up early

afterwards.. I hope many will wander along to a pub where we can continue the meet-up in a social atmosphere