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Firing up the Gamers in Adelaide

Posted by axon on Thu, 06/01/05 - 2:08 AM

We've got Ratbag, ratbag and a whole lotta students. [8] That's a bit synical and not too close to the truth but it is definately true that more can be done to develop the game industry and the gamer community more generally in Adelaide! So why don't we!

Adelindie is gaining new members all the time ( ) but what of all Sumean's?

I put the challenge out to all in SA to talk to everyone you know in the game industry, or studying comp sci, multimedia, graphic arts, or game devving to generate awareness that things are happenning and NOW is the time to get out there and build a world leading gamer community to benefit all.

Submitted by Maitrek on Sun, 09/01/05 - 12:51 AM Permalink

I'm too burnt/jaded/cynical. I'll get back to it later.

Submitted by axon on Wed, 26/01/05 - 4:10 AM Permalink

Jaded & cynical I can understand. Burnt?? [:o]