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Old Event: Qantm/ex-Qantm/Game dev meetup

Posted by LiveWire on Wed, 08/06/05 - 8:00 PM

Scott from the [url=""]Brisbane Game Development Meetup Group[/url] has orgainised a casual get-to-gether for QANTM and ex-QANTM students, with gamedevs, moders and enthusiasts also welcome.

When: Saturday, June 25, 5:00 PM
Where: Pavilion Bar - Stamford Plaza
Cnr Edward & Margaret Streets Brisbane CBD
Brisbane, QL meetup3
07 3221 1999

Scott also reminds everyone to bring along their Nintendo DS's for some touchy-feely-multiplayer fun!
So come alone and have a good time!

A map of the location:

Submitted by souri on Wed, 08/06/05 - 11:26 PM Permalink

Can you log in and post this news on Sumea please?

Submitted by McKnight on Tue, 21/06/05 - 10:38 PM Permalink

So basically you are going to sit around a bar playing Nintendo DS'... real smooth.. :D if I was over 18 I would come but no point seeing as I wouldn't be able to drink!

Submitted by LiveWire on Tue, 21/06/05 - 10:43 PM Permalink

i'd just go for the socialising and the drinks, except that now that i have a DS i'm keen to try out some multiplayer!

Submitted by Morphine on Fri, 15/07/05 - 3:39 AM Permalink

Crap! I missed this one, when will be the next?! :D

Submitted by LiveWire on Fri, 15/07/05 - 6:12 AM Permalink

dunno, i don't organize them but as soon as i find out i'll post it up