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Posted by S1ND3X on Thu, 09/06/05 - 11:56 PM

Hey There
We at Seraphon Castings are currently nearing completion on our latest project, a table top version of 1st person shooters. We're mainly looking for new ideas, and a few finishing touches, any ideas, comments and questions are always appreciated. e-mail me with anything

Matt Lord
Head Artistic Designer
Seraphon Castings

Submitted by McKnight on Sun, 12/06/05 - 8:22 AM Permalink

Sorry if I missed something, or if this seems a little rude but that's not the intention.

I think that Seraphon is just a small business, a home business? To see you have come asking for ideas, any comments etc. People cannot comment or offer ideas if they are given no information to work with. Maybe a small description of your game and some features would of helped, not just, "We have a tabletop game, give us ideas". Do you see what I am getting at?

I am no advertisement manager. But if that is how a 'business' would go about asking for something as simple as suggestions, I would hate to see their advertisement on the market. "There is a new game available *end of ad*" I suppose...

Submitted by AntsZ on Tue, 14/06/05 - 3:08 AM Permalink

maybe a bit more information will help eg: about the company, are you an indie company, a MOD team, are you funded by your-selves or by a publisher, about the game, the features etc...

does Seraphon have a website? do you have a website for the game

the more information you are able to give us the more we are able to help you out

Submitted by S1ND3X on Tue, 14/06/05 - 8:54 PM Permalink

Okay, sorry guys, twas late when i put this up, okay, Seraphon Castings is a new miniature company producing (at the moment) solely 28mm sci-fi miniatures. We're about to go into full production of our first product, DEATHMATCH The Wargame, the basic premise is a recreation of the deathmatch feature of a 1st person shooter game, but with dice and miniatures. We've been hitting all manner of forums with basic information about in the attempts to drum up interest, a website will be up soon and that will contain all the information.

The game's plot (in so far as it needs one) is that in the year 2136 gang violence had become so dangerous that in an effort to remove the danger it was turned into a sport. Arenas were built and rules drawn up. It became an overnight success with all major companies looking for a way to make money on the game. Teams from all over the world compete with each other for big money prizes and fame.

I hope this helps, basically what we'ld like is for you to tell us what features you most like in 1st person shooter games so we can incorporate them in to create a game that feels and plays like the 1st person greats

Submitted by AntsZ on Wed, 15/06/05 - 5:15 AM Permalink

Cool thanx for that S1nd3x that helps a lot, here are my ideas

For Deathmatch Quake / UT Type Games

1. Heaps of Gore and Gibs
2. Melee Combat
3. Rocket Jumping
4. Very Cool looking Weapons
5. CTF
6. Cool Secondary Fire
7. Double Jumping and Dodging
8. Destructible Enviroments
9. Vehicles (in most recent games)
10. Squads / Commanders

some ideas for now

Submitted by LiveWire on Wed, 15/06/05 - 6:30 AM Permalink

common gameplay elements:
head shots
pick-ups (shields/armour, weapons, ammo, damage multipliers)

common level elements:
jump pads

Submitted by Jackydablunt on Wed, 15/06/05 - 9:31 AM Permalink

Boobies!! big ol'uns

Other than that, I'm more of a tctical kind of guy so team based goals like in MOH AA the Normandy level where Jerri has to stop Uncle Sam from blowing up the costal batteries and stuff like that, and yeah, vehicles, Call of Duty Style.

And when you're talking sci fi, you can never shy away from the exoskeleton, the xenomorphs from Aliens, Bugs from Starship Troopers, and Tyranids from 40k. cold, mindless, and in the best cases no eyes (because the eyes contain the soul)

Submitted by AntsZ on Wed, 15/06/05 - 7:00 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Jackydablunt

Cold, mindless, and in the best cases no eyes (because the eyes contain the soul)

Whoa dude thats deep

Submitted by S1ND3X on Wed, 15/06/05 - 8:13 PM Permalink

Fantastic guys, helps alot, keep it coming

Submitted by Jackydablunt on Thu, 16/06/05 - 12:42 AM Permalink

straight from the mind of Giger himself, Riddly Scott asked him why he designed the Alien with no eyes and he replied "because the eyes contain the soul" he also said he takes opium to escape the images in his mind as well so yeah, you dont get too much deeper than Giger, thats one messed up sweede.

Submitted by S1ND3X on Mon, 20/06/05 - 4:31 AM Permalink

i wonder why he'ld use opium, it being a halucinogen surely it would just make the visions in his head more real

Submitted by souri on Mon, 20/06/05 - 4:33 AM Permalink

Giger was born in Switzerland, btw. [:D]