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QANTM College scholarships are up for gra

Posted by QantmGimp on Thu, 06/10/05 - 9:53 PM

Want a career in multimedia, animation, games programming or graphic design? QANTM College is offering two scholarships (one male and one female) to year 12 students graduating in 2005 who have the drive and ambition to make it in the world of creative digital technology. So if you?re passionate about creative digital technology and you would like to learn with Australia?s leading educator in the field, get your portfolio together and apply for a QANTM College 2006 Scholarship.

Applicants will be chosen based on a short written application and the quality of a portfolio of their work. Applicants that best satisfy the following criteria will then be interviewed in order for the final decision to be made.

1. Desire to study at Qantm College
2. Knowledge of QANTM College
3. Passion and knowledge of creative digital media
4. Ability and readiness to work as part of a team
5. Positive outlook
6. Creative talent as demonstrated by artwork / portfolio (on either paper, Website, CD ROM or DVD
7. Appropriate prerequisites for their program choice.

To make your application students must meet the QTAC entry requirements for their program of choice. For more information please contact Customer service on 1300 136 933 or send an email to

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ROFL.... Love the username.

I went to QANTM and was happy on the whole with the experience. I'd recommend anyone leaving school and is serious about getting into Game Dev to apply for it.