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La Trobe's Vice Chancellor resigns

Posted by lorien on Mon, 19/12/05 - 1:20 AM

I'm putting this under general chat because games is only a tiny part of La Trobe.

The Vice Chancellor resigned over contrversy concerning his travel expenses. It's on the front page of Saturday's Age.

He's been none too popular within parts of the university (including with myself for reasons relating to the closure of the music dept) for quite a while, the student newspaper has flamed him repeatedly over the years, and the SRC has organised large protests over some of his decisions.

Really senior staff started asking questions and getting very critical, then some started talking to journalists and politicians. The former Dean of Health Sciences in particular was highly critical and resigned over it. The last Professor of Music resigned largely over issues with the Vice Chancellor in 1997.

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I should add that the deputy VC has taken over the duties until a replacement is found, and students are unlikely to notice anything other than a better uni as a result.