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Bullant Studios becomes Big Ant Studios

Posted by rgsymons on Wed, 25/01/06 - 4:17 AM

Bullant Studios has changed its name to Big Ant Studios.

With the advent of embedded wireless connectivity in next generation systems, particularly handheld devices, Bullant Studios has opted to change its name to Big Ant Studios to avoid any potential conflicts that may arise in the future due to trademark issues and the ownership of the name "Bullant" with regard to wireless.

This is purely a name change and there are no structural changes to the business, which remains strong and is indeed seeking employees for roles ranging from junior to senior artists and programmers.



Ross Symons
Big Ant Studios

Submitted by souri on Tue, 31/01/06 - 5:49 AM Permalink

Thanks for the update, Ross. I will fix the info on Sumea once my internet connection goes back to normal in a few days.