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Tafe or Uni?

Posted by pikadude on Sat, 04/02/06 - 7:11 PM

I have just recieved an offer to go to la trobe uni to do computer games technology, however I have already enrolled in Box Hill tafe. I had it higher on my VCE list but now my dad is skepticle about my job prospects after UNI instead of to going to tafe to do computer systems where i would get more industry based qualifications.

any comments would be helpful.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sat, 04/02/06 - 11:10 PM Permalink

nobody goes after the games industry because itll be a guaranteed and easy job, we do it because we love it. If your serious about the games industry, its probably not even the qualification on your resume that will get you a job but rather the work and knowledge you can show (more so for a first job, without previous titles to point towards). That being said a better focused course can give you a better knowledge set to display. This is just my two cents and truth be told i dont have the greatest wealth of experience on it (im actually about to enter uni myself), this is just what i know from hearing similar quesions being asked before and such.

Submitted by lorien on Sun, 05/02/06 - 7:30 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by pikadude

I have just recieved an offer to go to la trobe uni

Congrats, last year I think we accepted 20 out of 300 applicants for the games course. Don't know numbers for this year.

I've been pretty vocal on the TAFE vs Uni topic recently [;)] so I'm staying out of this one (unless someone starts being really stupid).

If you have specific questions about La Trobe I'm the guy to ask (acting head of games technology) and there is a thread for it already- or send me a PM if you prefer.