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Please comment on game specification document


Classified :)

Submitted by lorien on Mon, 06/03/06 - 7:16 AM Permalink

Umm Binh, it's generally a bad idea to go posting homework on sumea [;)] There are going to be a lot of people doing something similar atm.

Asking here seems like a good idea, you could get some really good advice, but it creates a minefield of plagiarism problems.

Sorry, but I have to ask you to remove it. I wish I didn't have to ask.

Submitted by lorien on Mon, 06/03/06 - 7:18 AM Permalink

One comment now is you need a lot more detail.

Submitted by BinhNguyen on Mon, 06/03/06 - 7:51 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by lorien

One comment now is you need a lot more detail.

Hey Lorien,

It's cool. I've removed it.

I am a bit confused though. Could you elaborate a bit about the issues that may arise from posting a pitch document?

Submitted by mcdrewski on Mon, 06/03/06 - 9:40 AM Permalink


Lorien, are you suggesting that Binh doesn't have the IP rights to display (his?) work as he sees fit?

"You've changed man"

Submitted by lorien on Mon, 06/03/06 - 10:02 AM Permalink

HaHa [:D] Not at all mcdrewski. The reason is people all over Aus are going to be doing similar things right now. While I personally think it would be great to post homework directly (this was something I set Binh to think about on Friday) and receive diverse feedback and hence do a better job, there are strict rules about plagiarism, and students are normally very wary of showing each other their assessable work- often money changing hands is a requirement [;)]

If chosen by Binh's classmates this spec and the game it's about will be assessable.