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Head Tracking Game Development Competition

Posted by Neilb on Fri, 10/03/06 - 3:40 AM

Seeing Machines and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) are hosting a competition to develop ideas into working examples of how head tracking technology can be used to enhance interaction in games. Seeing Machines is an award-winning technology company with a focus on of vision based human machine interfaces.

The Head-Tracking Game Interface Design competition aims to encourage new game interface control methods that incorporate Seeing Machines? 6-degree-of-freedom video-based head tracking. The games which best use head movement will be seen by major game console developers and the overall winning team will also receive an Xbox 360.

Seeing Machines Director of Sales and Marketing, Nick Langdale-Smith, believes the competition is an opportunity to open up possibilities for next-generation interaction between gamers and games. ?We?re talking about new control systems that utilize head movement, to in-game avatars which move in response to the gamer ?.

Those interested in learning more about the Game Design competition should attend the public information seminar, to be held at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Block E, Canberra Technology Park, Phillip Ave, Watson, on Wednesday 22 March from 6pm. At this meeting the head-tracking technology will be introduced and discussed in full detail. Example game ideas will be thrown to the audience, and a Q&A session will occur.

For further details, contact Neil Boyd at AIE on 6162 5131 or go to [url][/url] [you can login as guest]
The Seeing Machines web site is [url][/url]

Submitted by LittleMissGameALot on Tue, 28/03/06 - 8:36 PM Permalink

Hey hey.. I'm up for it. I have a huge team of 2 and we are underway with plans.
Did anyone else go for it?
If you didn't then I guess the X-box 360 is MINE.... [:D]

Submitted by mcdrewski on Tue, 28/03/06 - 8:45 PM Permalink

"To enter, go to Canberra" isn't particularly appealing to me :)

Submitted by Cubane on Tue, 28/03/06 - 9:57 PM Permalink

I will be entering the competition as well so don't go buying any 360 games unless you plan on giving them to me when I win.