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IGDA Melbourne Chapter LAN Party - April 1st

Posted by Angel on Tue, 07/03/06 - 5:23 AM

The Melbourne IGDA Chapter is holding a LAN party for Melbourne Videogame Developers and Publishers on April 1st.

The event will start at 10am and will be hosted at Torus Games in Mitcham. There will be a number of competitions (and prizes!) held across the day, with titles in RTS, FPS and Racing genres. It is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party and spaces are limited, so you'll need to pre-register before hand.

If you're not the LAN type? Well that's okay, we have plenty of other events to entertain you including a Mario Kart DS competition and console games on a projector screen (think Singstar, Buzz and DDR). There will also be tables set up for Warhammer 40K and other table top games.

Registration for LAN seats is currently limited to developers, publishers, and their guests. There will be seats available to students at a later date, so keep your eye out for an annoucement. Current pricing is at $18 per LAN seat reserved and $13 for all other entry. Price does include a yummy BBQ lunch and all proceeds will be donated to a charity of choice (support your favourite charity and place a vote on the event's website found below).

If you'd like to know more information or if you'd like to register, you can do so at:

Hope to see you there,

Romi Olive

Submitted by Angel on Thu, 30/03/06 - 8:41 AM Permalink

Hi all,

The doors for registration are now open for student registration. We anticipate that spaces will fill quickly between now and the weekend, so be sure to head across to and reserve your seat today.

We've also just confirmed that we're going to have several Xbox 360's hooked up to a projector, which will be a great addition to our other console games. It's going to be a great day/night full of fun for everyone involved.

Our current competitions include Battlefield 2 (prizes donated by EA) and Dawn of War (sponsored by THQ) as well as Call of Duty 2, Quake 4 and Mario Kart DS.

We're also planning to feature a performance from aussie group Siaqua.. and then maybe some of our local developers, being all inspired, might give Singstar and Buzz a go.

A few arcade machines, a ping pong table... and a BBQ later.. it's going to be an event not to miss. We'll announce which charity we're going to present proceeds too as well, so be sure to vote for your favorite when you register at

I'd also like to point all local Melbournites to the IGDA Chapter website at


~Romi Olive

Submitted by rezn0r on Tue, 04/04/06 - 3:23 AM Permalink

Hey guys,

How did this one go? Sounds like it would have been a great time.


Submitted by Electro on Mon, 10/04/06 - 6:26 AM Permalink

Wow can't believe my firewall has kept me posting until now, didn't even realise that was a problem!

Anyway, the lan! I had a great time, mostly played bf2/q4/singstar myself. Good to meet some other people in the industry and discuss how things worked over at their companies. Oh, and i also played Mario Kart DS but copped a severe bruising so we'll just let that one slide ;)

I expected to have to answer questions from newbies all day but caroo was the only student who actually showed! Kind of relieved, but also a bit shocked... is this really the amount of interest of people wanting to get into the games industry... or is Torus located just too far away for people to get to? :(
Happy i got to talk to other fellow industry peeps though of course :D

I can't wait for the next lan! Hopefully a bigger turnout... definitely a bigger turnout by the sounds of things.

PS. I apoligise for playing singstar, and i'm surprised you all stayed and i could even see people out there at their pc's singing along! Step up next time! haha - Christian from Tantalus if you read this... we'll have to play some more singstar next time.. YOU'RE ON

PSS? Get the comps going next time guys... follow through with the schedule (try to anyway!), awesome job running the lan all smoothly though ;)


and hi uniquesnowflake.