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Red Tribe Studio info

Posted by baboon on Wed, 29/03/06 - 9:57 PM

Anyone have an opinion on Redtribe?

Submitted by Jackydablunt on Thu, 30/03/06 - 4:26 AM Permalink

Well I'm just about to start there so I'll answer in a few months... :)

Submitted by mcdrewski on Thu, 30/03/06 - 8:36 PM Permalink

They sponsor Sumea, which means I like them.

As to what working there's like I have no idea. :)

Submitted by Jackydablunt on Fri, 31/03/06 - 2:13 AM Permalink

Well I'll say one thing about them, and that is I've applied for most companies in Aus and even the ones that were interested in me still took months to get their shit together, some didn't even send a courtesy reply, whereas with RT the entire thing from initial contact to conclusion took just over a week.

Now I'm by no means vouching for them yet because I simply dont know them, it could turn out great, it could turn out crap. But what I do know is that not a single Aus company has impressed me yet to date, so much so that I came verrry close to ditching the industry alltogether and I was applying in advertising and film with no interest in looking back. These guys however showed great efficiency and went out of their way for me, they even read one of my novels which is completely unwarrented, and because of that I'm gonna give games another year's effort, I'm pretty sure RT will be the last Aus games company i'll work for though so if it goes bad then I'm out... so anyway thats what I know.

Submitted by Jackydablunt on Fri, 31/03/06 - 9:47 AM Permalink

just to note, the last post was not to hack on any particular HR Dept, generally the HR Staff I've dealt with have been really nice and helpful people, it was the company approaches to applicants that need work.

Submitted by Me109 on Fri, 31/03/06 - 8:47 PM Permalink

Congratulations man!

good to hear...

talk ya later..

Submitted by baboon on Tue, 04/04/06 - 7:10 PM Permalink

Thanks for the feedback folks. Unfortunately this post was removed for some reason...apparantly somthing to do with me or others attacking redtribe, although I fail to see how or who in the above topic.

Submitted by baboon on Tue, 04/04/06 - 7:17 PM Permalink

So everyone is aware.....I've heard alot of negative rumours about this company and frankly I'd prefer to hear from someone that has first hand experience of them rather than a whole lot of baseless conjecture. I know what the industry in Australia is like, having been part of it for quite a while and I know not to listen to chinese whispers from 3rd or 4th hand parties. If Sumea is supposed to be an open and honest forum then let's start being open and honest here rather than whispering behind the bike sheds.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 05/04/06 - 4:07 AM Permalink

This post wasn't removed. It was just moved from general to the more appropriate Austrlalian/NZ game industry & education section.