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Supanova in Brisbane April 21-23

Posted by Ash on Sun, 02/04/06 - 10:52 AM

This April 21-23 is the 'pop culture expo' event Supanova, to be held at the RNA showgrounds. There will be a pure Queensland Games section of the expo, with THQ, Pandemic, Auran, Krome, Half Brick, Sony etc. all cooperating to raise the profile of the games industry, in regard to employment opportunities rather than games sales. Check out

There will be prizes, promo video materials, presentations and various game-centric competitions or behind-the-scenes sessions.

Submitted by LiveWire on Mon, 03/04/06 - 8:54 PM Permalink

The IGDA is also oranising a bunch off cool stuff to happen there, more on this very soon...

Submitted by tedledz on Wed, 05/04/06 - 6:17 PM Permalink

[8D] Im there, actaully i cant wait.

Submitted by palantir on Fri, 07/04/06 - 2:02 AM Permalink

I?m looking forward to it. It?s so good that there will be a Queensland games section this year. Some of the presentations look interesting.

Last year I wasted sooo much money on graphic novels and bits and pieces.. but I?m about ready to stock up again.

And of course this year we get to meet Summer Glau a.k.a. River from FireFly:

Submitted by Yug on Fri, 07/04/06 - 3:45 AM Permalink

Me and Matt from will definately be there, can't wait.

Submitted by Angel on Fri, 07/04/06 - 4:26 AM Permalink

Wonder if I should fly up from Melbourne for the event? It sounds like a lot of fun based on the information I've read, but having never been to this event before I'm still trying to decide if it'll be worth it. Opinions anyone?

Submitted by LOOM on Tue, 11/04/06 - 9:02 AM Permalink

sumone get me a souvenier, im stuck in sydney [|)]

Submitted by palantir on Tue, 11/04/06 - 11:17 AM Permalink

Don't forget it's Sydney's turn in October.

Angel - it really depends how much you like comics and manga and sci-fi etc. Personally, I really enjoyed it last year and look forward to this years, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to travel almost 2000 km's for it.. But that's just me, and I'm a poor student..
So yeah, hard to say if it would be worth it - depends on your circumstances :)

Submitted by poppin fresh on Fri, 14/04/06 - 5:05 AM Permalink

I will be there for sure (helping at a stand) but will get as much time at the QLD games section as possible.