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Supanova Event April 21-23

Posted by Ash on Tue, 11/04/06 - 7:46 AM

Submitted by Yug on Tue, 11/04/06 - 11:13 PM Permalink

Yup, should be good

Submitted by denz on Thu, 13/04/06 - 7:34 PM Permalink

don't forget CA will be there to!

Denz 'seal the deal' O'neill might even make a special guest appearance, gunz included!

Submitted by Yug on Fri, 21/04/06 - 3:34 AM Permalink

I've just heard through a reliable source that Auran will be showing ingame video footage of their upcoming MMORPG game FURY at SupaNova this weekend!

Submitted by zemaj on Sat, 22/04/06 - 2:11 AM Permalink

What's Video Games Live doing there [?]

Submitted by Chaos on Sat, 22/04/06 - 6:27 AM Permalink

quote:'ve just heard through a reliable source that Auran will be showing ingame video footage of their upcoming MMORPG game FURY at SupaNova this weekend!
I would like to hear more about this. So any infomation would be great!

Submitted by Yug on Sun, 23/04/06 - 3:20 AM Permalink

Just came back from SupaNova, got alot of photos and alot of stuff to talk about (including Fury from Auran) ... will wait until after tomorrow (the last day) though.

Submitted by Mick1460 on Sun, 23/04/06 - 5:39 PM Permalink

quote: What's Video Games Live doing there

We're bringing Video Games Live to Australia in October. It was originally going to be a single show in Sydney, but I can now announce that we are bringing to show to Brisbane and Melbourne!

Video Games Live features a huge projector screen, laser light show and a live 60 piece orchestra playing 2 hours worth of Video Game Soundtracks! The setlist features tracks from games suchs as Myst, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Castlevania, Halo, Mario, Sonic, and many, many more!

Make sure you pop past the Video Games Live booth and have a chat to myself or Tommy!

Submitted by LiveWire on Sun, 23/04/06 - 5:48 PM Permalink

I have been hoping this would come to Australia since i first heard about it! One of the guys at work got tickets for the GDC show a few weeks back and said it was awsome, which made me want to see it even more. So i was prepared to fly to whatever state it was in to see it, but having it come to Brisbane is awsome.

Submitted by Morphine on Sun, 23/04/06 - 10:33 PM Permalink

That sounds awesome Mick, can't wait for it!

Submitted by Morphine on Mon, 24/04/06 - 5:47 AM Permalink

I've just come back from Supanova, and the games exhibition I thought was awesome. I'm so happy to speak to guys face to face and find out the dos and don'ts of the games industry, especially looking at getting into game design.

It's re-inspired me to get my finger out and get it together and make a go of finally getting into the industry.

Props to Arash from Pandemic and Craig from THQ for their time. We had a great chat about design and the expo :D

Submitted by Yug on Mon, 24/04/06 - 10:37 AM Permalink

Hey everyone, what a great weekend! I've done up a big article about the weekend that you can read here if you're interested:

Had a great time, and was really good meeting alot of the faces behind the local QLD game developers. Also, can't wait for Video Games Live to hit Brisbane :)

Hey Mick, great to briefly meet you too mate :)

Submitted by Triton on Mon, 24/04/06 - 11:11 AM Permalink

Lol that was a nice article Yug, seems like it was a lot of fun! Why cant canberra have some interesting events [:D]

"to which I put ?2006? and ?of hard rock?."

I actually lol'd to that, was a good read :)

Submitted by LiveWire on Mon, 24/04/06 - 9:29 PM Permalink

The Games Trivia Quiz was a huge success too (if i do say so myself :)). After a rocky start on the Saturday it picked up and turned out quite good, if a far too easy, so myself and Mik Dobele worked on a much better version for Sunday, and it seemed pretty successful. If anyone saw it I'd love to hear what you thought of it so we can improve on it for next year.

For those of you that didn't see it here is how the improved Sunday match went:

Two teams of five: developers from local studios vs challengers from the audience
Five rounds of questions divided into five categories, including general knowledge, multiple choice, guess the game music, guess the screen shot, and guess the game box (which proved the toughest).

Each round was preceded by a match of Mario Kart 64 by a player from each team, the winner received one point, plus pick of the category, and a tough bonus question for a bonus point. After the bonus question each team was asked two questions, and after any wrong answer the question was given to the opposing team to attempt to steal the point.

At the end of the five rounds we had a four player (two from each team) battle mode match to finish it off.

(I'll admit the actual scoring and structure want too well thought out (the game designers were probably cringing at it), not that that was terribly important, as there were no prizes for winning, and the audience contestants got T-shirts weather they one or lost anyway - we'll put a bit more thought into it next year though, i promise).

Oh, and the results:

Saturday: Developers by 1 point
Sunday: Developers by 2 points

very close games all round

Submitted by Morphine on Mon, 24/04/06 - 9:54 PM Permalink

I came on sunday, I didn't see Mik anywhere [:(]

I'm sure there will be another expo just for game devs (not AGDC), well, I hope so. I think there was quite a response to the game's section of the expo, maybe brissie should host a mini E3 for brissie companies to show off [:o)]

Submitted by Morphine on Mon, 24/04/06 - 11:14 PM Permalink

On a side note, I wouldn't mind finding out what the developer's thoughts were on how successful/unsuccessful they thought the expo went. I certainly enjoyed it :)