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NEW Games Development course at Monash

Posted by desnachos on Mon, 08/05/06 - 10:15 AM

This is a continuation of my previous thread.... lorien, Rosco, jimellis and everyone else-- ur kind attention


Hi guys ... thnx for all your previous advice however twisted it may hav been! [:)]
im thrilled to announce, I hav got admits at:
Monash - Master of CS (minor thesis)
Swinburne - MIT
La Trobe - MIT
Deakin - MIT

I need to knw if this information is correct plz:
Monash Uni is coming out wit a Game Development course in 2007 I was e-mailed by one of t staff der...
She said even if i join this July 2006 i can shift to tht course next yr when its introduced! Is this possible? And is it worth enrolling with Monash, knowing Monash hasnt got much experience in games...
I'm quite bent on Monash but if it hasnt got the content and at the end of the day as you guys said if my end product is not enough to get me tht good job or even to acquire the right skills .......>>?

Your advice plz asap
thnx in advance[:)]

Submitted by lorien on Tue, 09/05/06 - 9:26 PM Permalink

Contrats desnachos, and it's often easy to transfer courses once you are doing one. I don't know much about Monash, you should talk with them- or better still some students.

Submitted by Rosco on Tue, 09/05/06 - 10:09 PM Permalink

Well done desnachos. Now to choose :).

I know Monash has just gone through a rebuilding process concerning their IT Faculty, so positions and courses may have switched. You may want to just check who is co-ordinator supervisor of the course, I know most people there so could help you if you could drop a couple of names.

Monash had an undergrad degree a few years back but it got eaten up, and while I was there, there was word of a post-grad, though not sure who was trying to get their hands on it.

But once again congrats.

Submitted by desnachos on Wed, 10/05/06 - 4:35 AM Permalink

Thanks guys....

Rosco, It was Ms Grace Rumantir who I corresponded with who told me about the 2007 emerging course. She is the coordinator of the Master of Multimedia Computing course [url]…]

I dont think a coordinator has been appointed for the Games course since its still under review for introduction.

Has Monash had any history at all with respect to games? Because from what I've researched it doesnt seem like it.

My first choice was La trobe / Swinburne ... But both La Trobe's campuses are quite far.
The only reason I'm looking at Monash is because of its good name/recognition/location and ofcourse the FLOATING promise of a 2007 Games course.

Your feedback/opinions plz...
Lorien & Rosco pl dont be diplomatic as a result of t last thread.. Express your opinions freely [:)]

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Hey I know Grace, we worked together at the School of Multimedia Systems out at the Berwick Campus. If they intend to have a Game may want to make sure it isn't there if you are worried about's a long way from the city. If they have it at Caulfield they may link it with the Art and Design Faculty which would be good as there is lecturer there Troy Innocent who does game research with AI toys etc.

Though he is an artist and perhaps not in your field of interest.

Monash had an undergrad games degree that was absorbed into it's 'one' named degree that I think maybe a major now. Many of units were actually upscaled and taught for Masters of Coursework at Caulfield. I lectured in a couple about 3 years ago.

There's a few names you may want to keep an eye out for....Matt Butler, Tom Chandler and Michael Morgan, if any of these are linked with the games degree then it is quite possibly going to be a good thing.

I'm not sure how many universities have close ties with games companies anymore. NDA's and all. I know of of few ex-game industry people at RMIT and Swinburne, that actually worked in the industry and for certain reasons are now lecturers.

But keep in mind your best employment opportunities, I think most post-grad degrees would be fine as long as you get your hands on something and really have a go at it so it will impress the industry.

God Speed

Submitted by desnachos on Tue, 16/05/06 - 1:00 PM Permalink

thanks rosco.. will keep a lookout for those ppl
i had read elsewhere about troy innocent.. his work looks quite interesting
I doubt the course would be at Berwick .. It wud most probably be at Clayton/Caufield.
Yes, Ms Rumantir has been very sweet and helpful.

Anyone else has more info on Games at Monash plz do write

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I don't like arguing desnachos...

Games subjects at La Trobe are only at the Bundoora campus- computer science is spread over Bundoora and Bendigo campuses, and Bendigo is out in country Victoria.

Bundoora is around 13 kms from the city- from Flinders st station it takes around an hour by tram and around 30-40 minutes by bus (some run express). It's a very large, pretty and tree filled campus (reminds me a lot of the ANU). Also rent in Melbourne is often much cheaper >= 5 kms or so out of the city.

As for NDAs they do make some arrangements between developers and universities impossible (and there is such a thing as ties being too close between industry and education I think). There are plenty of collaborations possible without NDAs though, and some students and staff at La Trobe have been and are involved with commercial game developers.

As far as I know most unis are happy to delay publication of research for a year or two for commercialisation purposes.

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quote:Originally posted by lorien

As for NDAs they do make some arrangements between developers and universities impossible


quote:Originally posted by lorien

(and there is such a thing as ties being too close between industry and education I think).

how is that?

quote:Originally posted by lorien

As far as I know most unis are happy to delay publication of research for a year or two for commercialisation purposes.

thats interesting :)

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Why? Because uni is largely concerned with publication, NDAs are concerned with keeping things secret. They can be pretty incompatible with training/education. That's not saying NDA == no go, but they make things much more complicated.

How is that? I'm surprised you can ask. Cheap labour can be very tempting for a business.

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Umm that made it into sumea news. If I was going to comment on it I would have done so in the comments under the news item.