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The future of Sydney's games industry

Posted by yeap on Tue, 16/05/06 - 12:09 PM

I know that the current state of the games industry in Sydney doesn't allow many employment options or choice, but what are your opinions about the future? Is it likely to improve and eventually become home to many developers in the same way as Brisbane and Melbourne? I ask because I have lived in Sydney my entire life, and would like to have enough opportunities and local prospects to stay here for a while, rather than having to move up to Queensland or somewhere else just to get experience.


Submitted by souri on Wed, 17/05/06 - 12:14 AM Permalink

Not very optimistic about the outlook of Sydney being a contender for Melbourne and Queensland as a games industry hub in the very near future. I think the feelings and comments [url=""]in this recent news item[/url] by Sydney developers, Imaginary Numbers and Team Bondi, sums it all up. I thought Team Bondi taking the iniative to start a game education institution in NSW was the right step in getting things off the ground here, but when you read that the "NSW Government had 'wasted (Team Bondi's time)' over the company's efforts to create a Sydney games campus." is all pretty disheartening.

Submitted by yeap on Wed, 17/05/06 - 12:31 AM Permalink

Are Imaginary Numbers still around? Their company website and Tactica Online site are both still running with no updates, but I thought they had closed.

I was up in Brisbane during the Supanova event and was amazed at how many entry level QA positions were available there. Due to the small size of Sydney's industry, how hard is it to start off in Quality Assurance without much previous experience for another company? How many QA employees do Micro Forte and Team Bondi hire?