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UT2004 deathmatch map

Posted by GuyBrave on Fri, 22/09/06 - 11:45 AM

Hello all, this is my first real posting of my work here on sumea. I hope this is in the right place, my apologies if it is not.

It's a deathmatch map I have been working on for my demo reel. It has taken exactly 6 weeks to create from scratch, from concept to completion. All assets in the map are 100% original content created by me with 2 exceptions; the water material is from UT, and the cloud material is modifed from UT.

Thats why the file is 60 meg zipped. It has a lot of new textures in it.

I would love to get as much feedback as I can from this map, as I will be looking for an environment art/design job at the end of the year and want to make sure my demo performs well, and anything I can learn from this map to improve would of course be a good thing.

anyway, here is the link, sorry for the life story.

also, there are some screenshots in my sumea gallery if you want to see what it lookslike before you go and download it

Submitted by Caroo on Fri, 22/09/06 - 12:02 PM Permalink

I'm more thne happy to download and play test your level mate.. but can you please try another file downloading program. That one is giving my comp hassles.

Try RAPIDSHARE .. a little hard to navagate but a reliable download server.

Submitted by nexx on Fri, 22/09/06 - 6:12 PM Permalink

60mb That's one big map!

Looking at the screenshots, the first thing I noticed is the lighting. You have some really cool & gothic shapes going on but the lighting isn't doing it justice. Here are my favourite tips for avoiding the whole 'splotchy BSP' situation: Add ambient light, never use white lights, stay away from UnrealEd's default light radii, and experiment with lightmap details. I also think some distance fog could work (I have to admit I have a distance fog fetish).

Sorry to bombard you with tutorials, but these are good ones! Lighting by David M?nnich is an oldie but a goodie, if not the best. It was made for UT99 but it still applies to UT2004. Angelmapper's optimization guide deals with lightmaps, and old faithful UDN covers distance fog.

Hope that is of some help. And best of luck with your demo reel nexx2006-09-22 08:55:09

Submitted by Caroo on Fri, 22/09/06 - 6:46 PM Permalink


I have to agree. You so do! You dirty dirty man!

Guy - One thing i noticed was the lack of background..sure you have a skyed floor..but a totaly blank background looks really bad in todays games. give it something...anything..distent mounterns or even just take a few screen shots of your structures and make it into a 1024x1024 texture and apply it to the 'skyboxes' side faces...

remember mate. Anything is better then nothing.

Submitted by GuyBrave on Mon, 25/09/06 - 9:53 AM Permalink

thanks for the feedback guys, I particularly liked the Angelmapper's guide.

so has anyone actually played the map yet? would love to get some feedback on the flow of the level.