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Extra skills test level

Posted by Caroo on Tue, 26/09/06 - 11:42 AM

Skills Test Level:

Due to an upcoming interview I have with the Melbourne Developer Blue Tongue for a level designer position, I thought it would be vital to show them skills relevant to that position that I didn?t cover in my multiplayer maps.

Those skills being:
?     Simple Scripted objects like buttons, doors and elevators.
?     Using the particle systems.
?     Using Simple Scripting to control a Bot.
?     Showing meshes that have collision meshes [karma data] and even linking these objects together. [Joints]
?     Using volumes like Lava and water.

It?s a VERY simple map. Just something to show off some skills. But I?m keen on obtaining this job so to that end I want to give Blue Tongue no doubts or queries into my designs and abilities.

Also note that with the exception of the water, lava and fire textures, the wall textures and static meshes are textured and modelled by myself in Maya and Photoshop. Just some things I had from my single player level.

Anyway. If you have UnrealED download the Zip file form the link and give it a run through. However if you don?t have UnrealED there are also about 20 screenshots you can look at to get the basic idea.

I hope with this small map, the level walkthrough I wrote and the multiplayer map I made a few weeks back that this should be enough to secure myself a position at a game dev studio. Heres hoping. Download the map from the link and wish me luck for thursday when I go in for the interview!


Chris Watts - Caroo

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Skills Test Version 1.0 - Made by Chris Watts


1) Unzip the downloaded zip file and place the file "skills_testV1.ut2"
Into the "maps" folder where you installed unreal2003/2004

2) Open and run UnrealED. Open the map "skills_test.ut2" . you don?t have
to build the level. Just press the play button and explore the map.

(The "play map" icon can be found on the top row of icons. It's the
Second last icon to the right and looks like a joystick.]


Submitted by nexx on Tue, 26/09/06 - 4:07 PM Permalink

It would be too late now, but you could try using the Unreal 2 Runtime for this sort of thing. It's basically a stripped down version of the Unreal 2 Engine without any art & game assets (except for an example level). And is free for educational and non-commercial use. It would be perfect for running a demonstration off a CD.

Good luck with the interview!