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Singapore MMO Project

I have heard about a few Australian developers heading off to the Singapore MMO project headed by Andrew Carter. Does anyone have any more details about the project? It is great to see Andrew able to get people to work on it. Is it true that Atari have already invested in it?

Submitted by souri on Fri, 11/05/07 - 10:19 AM Permalink

Sounds very intriguing, I'd love to know as well. I might make a front page post about it. Didn't Andrew Carter start off at Beam, then to some company in Singapore, and then came back to Beam/Melbourne House in the early days?

Submitted by Kipperius on Tue, 15/05/07 - 6:57 AM Permalink

Winning developers from the Autralian industry to work on Andrew Carter's latest endeavour would indeed be a great achievement.

I can't imagine Atari would invest in such a project, but who knows, perhaps they have(?)