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Sean Hammond and Shawn Eustance from Evolution?

Posted by Gaffer on Sat, 26/04/03 - 2:02 AM

anyone know what they are up to? i used to work with them at Auran... have they moved to another company? freelance? unemployed?

Submitted by Gaffer on Sat, 26/04/03 - 2:03 AM Permalink

i meant shawn eustace =p

Submitted by Malus on Sat, 26/04/03 - 9:38 AM Permalink

Shawn was at Evolution but don't know what hes up to now.

Submitted by Gaffer on Sun, 27/04/03 - 2:05 AM Permalink

does anyone have contact info for either of these guys?

Submitted by Ex evo on Mon, 05/05/03 - 11:13 PM Permalink

Hey Gaffer!!!

Shawn and myself will be working for Pandemic Studios, starting on the 12th of May.

I think Sean Hammond is going overseas to work???

Submitted by Gaffer on Wed, 07/05/03 - 12:09 AM Permalink

hey congrats, well i was just wanting to talk to sean to see if he was interested in applying for a position at irrational games, but if he's going overseas then i guess thats not going to work out, good luck at pandemic, seems most ex-auran end up in that place, eventually... heheh ;)