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Does anyone know what just happened there? Are heaps of people leaving the sydney office?

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speaking of microforte/bigworld saying the real world was flat not upside down in japan programmers were not only programming a videogame sorta like wargames the movie. The sun should have sucked in the earth and the planets with its gravitational pull instead of orbiting sideways. I wonder if kids are going to complain that the videogame is not realistic enough.

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Microforte is downsizing and focusing on middleware.

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they have done this in the past. certainly one of the less stable companies you could work for.

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Well last time it was because their game got canned by microsoft - what the hell happened now? I thought their tech was teh awesum and every chinese mmo company with 10 dollars to spend loved it.

also is it just me or the CAPTCHA for this site insanely difficult?

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From what I've heard about what's going on there, they simply couldn't secure a new project to work on. So most of the dedicated staff on Bigworld are staying, but all the rest have been let go.

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Game development in Sydney is over again. Unless you count Team Bondi. lol.

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Microforte never were a strong developer of titles -- they always did ok with tech, though, I never bought their BS about their success with Bigworld.

It seems to be the norm with them. Release the odd title, long period in between where they downsize -- usually the staff that they really need to do well.

Anyway, my rant on this is done -- I don't think they are really worth it personally. I'm more interested in other studios. I hear that other studios have either downsized or just had mass migrations of staff off of their projects.