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Concept art courses

Posted by golem2 on Thu, 27/03/03 - 11:04 PM

Please excuse me if I am posting this in the wrong place....I wasn't really sure whether to post in the art section, or the games industry section. (Me = noob)

I desperately want to get into concept art, and have noticed that in the US they have some courses specifically on that subject, but I am unaware of any in Aus (particularly Melbourne...I don't want to have to move too far).

I have a good enough knowledge of art in general, and don't want to go through 2 years of an art course, just to get about 2 weeks worth of concept related stuff.

What I'm getting at is, does anyone know of any courses that would help me out?


Submitted by souri on Thu, 03/04/03 - 11:14 PM Permalink

Moved your thread to the games industry section.. hopefully you can get some responses here.. There are some great concept artists on this site, so hopefully they can chime in and tell us where they learnt their craft and some advice..

Submitted by Bite Me on Sat, 26/04/03 - 9:01 PM Permalink

Hey that's great, someone wants to really learn to draw! I applaud you.

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 26/04/03 - 11:59 PM Permalink

I'd say just go do a TAFE / Uni thing on illustration... Take some workshops or something, that'd be one way at going after the Concept art position. Although would be better if you did a degree, since then you could be employed for more than just Concept art (therefore would be a more valuable employee).

Submitted by Bite Me on Sun, 27/04/03 - 8:03 AM Permalink

And your art skills would be wide and varied, not just "concept" stuff

Submitted by souri on Sun, 27/04/03 - 5:23 PM Permalink

I agree.. I've read a fair few interviews with some impressive digital artists (concept or 3d), and a lot of them do suggest you do some sort of fine arts course.. get some colour/light theory, human anatomy practise, and some real drawing/painting skills.. It would be a great foundation to your concept art development (or ANY other artistic path you take), and I'm sure would be worth enduring 2 years for.

Submitted by golem2 on Wed, 30/04/03 - 2:11 AM Permalink

Thanks heaps for the responses. I guess i will start looking into illustration/fine arts courses. Too bad I waited until 1/4 through the year to discover what I really wanted to do. Oh well...thanks again :)