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Slightly discouraged.

Posted by midduke on Tue, 20/01/09 - 6:45 PM

Hey all, I am new to this forum, and the industry. I started a computer based art and design coarse majoring in 3D design, at university of the sunshine coast last year. I am currently in my 2nd semester and doing well. Well any way back to the point, i downloaded 3ds Max trial, and have been trying to use it. I have watched all the tutorials, and tried online tutorials. Most of my stuff either looks bad, or just doesn't work out. I know its a difficult program, but i really suck at it and its very discouraging. Just wondering if its normal to suck at 3ds max to start off with, or should you have some sort of talent.
Thanks guys.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 21/01/09 - 1:07 AM Permalink

How long have you been modelling for (other than 2 semesters in class)? It usually takes years of practise and a lot of dedication to get really good at this stuff. Keep reading / following those tutorials, submit your work to modelling sites and peers to get feedback and advice, and keep on practising!

Submitted by terrahnahjacitor on Wed, 21/01/09 - 11:24 AM Permalink

Yep, persistence is the key. It's a difficult thing to master; you just have to keep experimenting and get to know what aspect of 3d you're into.

Some people are modellers, some are animators, environment artists and so on. Which path are you most interested in? It's best to pursue one of these paths, and you'll find you'll learn more about the other ones in time.

Submitted by midduke on Wed, 21/01/09 - 1:11 PM Permalink

thanks for the response guys. I actually haven't done any modeling at all. The first semester was just an introduction to design, and we didn't actually do any 3d stuff at all. So you could say i have been modeling for all of about a week now ( downloaded 3ds max last week). I am probably more interested in modeling at the moment, but that could change haha. I have done a few online tutorials the last couple of days and most of them worked out pretty well. I will check out that poopinmymouth site and see what happens. Thanks again guys.