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Tower City - October build released

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Another busy month in the world of freeware game development.

Due to the efforts of some very dedicated and skilled volunteer developers. There have been some noticeable changes to Tower City this month.

Our talented enviornment artist has been hard at work to create a set of environment props that have given the dungeon of tower city a fantastic and colourful appearance.

Fully realised 3D models of the monsters that inhabit the dungeon have been implemented as well.

New weapons and a very cool inventory system are updates from the teams code side.
The player can now use the Rifle, Shotgun and Gattling-Gun.

To access each weapon:
"1" on the keyboard access the Rifle.
"2" on the keyboard accesses the Shotgun
"3" on the keyboard accesses the Gattling-gun

The downloadable demo build can be found here!


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 11/10/09 - 11:24 AM Permalink

with 'tower' in the name, i was expecting a 'tower defence' style game, not a diablo shooter, so that was a pleasent surprise.
not certain about the setup (exploration of fantasy tower of anthropomorphic 'doggie' character, mention of radio contact suggests highish tech level? perhaphs being more ambigious with the background story, changing to just 'lost contact with'?)
anyway, there is a lot of work done on this, environment, characters, game mechanics.
The animation, fighting interaction and gameplay flow (menu to game, back to menu) are presumably ongoing.
The sound helps a lot,
I'm just not getting the big picture concept and don't get the character icons, what do you mean the cutle little puppy' is the representation of the trigger happy monster murder in game that i am playing....woof