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Shh... it's a secret. ;)

Posted by Sertan on Tue, 13/05/03 - 2:06 AM


Submitted by Brain on Tue, 13/05/03 - 11:21 PM Permalink

ooOOOOoooo, enjoy @:-D

Submitted by souri on Tue, 13/05/03 - 11:28 PM Permalink

Ahh.. to play an online game without any form of cheating. That would be nice. [:)].. Cheaters seem to be ruining Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat at the moment..

Submitted by Malus on Wed, 14/05/03 - 3:43 AM Permalink

souri: imagine counterstrike without cheating! there would only be about 4 real players online lol. Good way of getting rid of 13 yr old leet speaking twats too.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 14/05/03 - 9:00 PM Permalink

If there were no wallhacking, aimbots, or any other cheats whatsoever, Counterstrike will still suck. No one plays as a team, or even tries to accomplish the map objective (rescue hostages etc).. Oh, and you'll get the occasional idiots who flash grenade you early on in every round.
I remember reading something about how people were ruining online sports games on the Xbox, by just quitting the game before the match is over if they were losing. It doesn't get recorded on the world ranking as a loss, either.. or more unfairly, a win for the opponent. People will always find a way to ruin it for everyone else :)..

Submitted by Malus on Thu, 15/05/03 - 12:31 AM Permalink

games need a electro shock USB port for cheaters lol

Submitted by Major Clod on Sun, 18/05/03 - 10:23 AM Permalink

Counterstrike is good if played properly. I've played it at lans with others who all want to work in a team, its a hell of a lot of fun like that! Counterstrike with the general online population however, is nothing to be excited about.

Submitted by Maitrek on Mon, 19/05/03 - 2:45 AM Permalink

There needs to be some kind of gamer code of conduct like the honour system or something :) Then we can dis all these loser 13 y.o. twats with no honour and treat them as outcasts :)

Take Grand Prix Legends though. Huge sim community and the "GPL Rank" which is like the measurement of your penis size. You could easily edit the file that you submit to have some good times in there and you could be the number ten player in the world no problemo, but no one does that, even though they could then gloat about being heaps good. If you wanted to you could easily edit replays as well and then submit the worlds best times and become the number one player with a bit of work....but still no one does that either...wierd?

Submitted by Major Clod on Mon, 19/05/03 - 8:05 AM Permalink

I think that has to do with the type of game GPL is. A racing sim is less likely to be picked up by a 13 yr old loser and played online. They can be very hard to play, and as a result they probably never get past a few hours worth of playing if they pick it up. They will be more attracted to a hardcore kill kill kill FPS or a NFS type game with about 200 cars that is easier to play. I don't think they'd consider a game like GPL to be cool enough for them! :D

Submitted by Maitrek on Tue, 27/05/03 - 9:59 PM Permalink

Actually i have to say my only reasonable thoughts about online console gaming is how it's going to destroy little kids school productivity :)

I'm interested to see how sony expect to compete with x-box on this ground because Microsoft could easily make online games with both x-box and pc gamers in the same world which means they'll probably have a much larger consumer base than sony would. I guess it depends how much spare cash they've got.

I'm still a little bitter about online gaming, because with only a 33.6kbit telephone exchange where I live, the throughput is crap (and lag is always quite bad as well) and I can't even get broadband unless I pay a few hundred per month for a satellite. It was nigh on impossible to play Quake online when getting 400ms lag on a good day. That I ever got into the top three in a round was definitely a case of fluke or crap playing on everyone else's part!!!

LANs I think are a far more social experience, online gaming (esp. in the case of real time games) is (to me) a much more neutered experience.
It's the same with consoles...going to a 'mate's house and playing games together is way more fun than playing some nameless jack-arse online. It's what makes console multi-player gaming an attractive concept. Massively multiplayer on the other hand is pretty much the same no matter what platform.
My $0.02.

As a side note, there are a few young'uns out there that play GPL, and they are irritatingly fast :)

Submitted by sho nuff on Tue, 27/05/03 - 10:18 PM Permalink

So when is the adaptor due out anyways? And do you know if there bundling it with SOCOM or another online title? If not i think it would be a good idea to do so because there is nothing worse than getting a toy without the batteries.