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Game music

Posted by MXH on Mon, 03/05/10 - 8:53 PM

I am writing a thesis on video game music and am trying to survey peoples opinions on the subject.

so i ask "How important is the music in creating an immersing atmosphere when playing video games?"

Submitted by Johnn on Fri, 07/05/10 - 6:30 PM Permalink

I think you might get short replys and not so useful data for a thesis without a set of concise question.

My answer is: massively important. Music and ambient sound is easily as important as any visual feature in creating atmosphere in my opinion.

Submitted by Snacuum on Tue, 11/05/10 - 9:40 PM Permalink

Absolutely vital.

I listen to more game music than conventional or other musical soundtracks. Games are unique in the fact that their sound-scape is designed to immerse you more in the world and rhythm of the gameplay elements. It's designed to make you 'feel,' and not necessarily emotionally either. It's difficult to describe. In fact listen to some of you favourite game music and mention it here and a good discussion will eke it out. Of course I'm no muso so I only know what game music has given me, but I know not the science of it.

PS:As an aspiring designer who has lost a lot of his drive for new ideas, such music is the only thing that helps me kick it back in gear, good stuff.