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Video Game Honours Research Survey

Posted by Aether on Sun, 29/08/10 - 2:03 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am creating this thread as a method for exposure. I am currently completing my bachelor degree with honours and am in need of survey data.

My research is based around user interaction, focussing mainly on the relationship between user and digital avatar. I am aiming to collect this data through an online survey located at my honours site. I do not wish to pressure anyone to complete this survey, therefore I have not included a link, but provided a method for getting to the survey.

To find it, search "sdroberts" in google. Select the first link, and then add "Honours" at the end of the link. Hope this works.

My survey is aimed directly at gamers, as it is your opinions that matter to me the most. This survey is completely optional, and I hope that the results will strengthen my thesis. If you have any questions or comments about any section of my survey, please contact me.

This survey collects no personally identifiable data. I do NOT ask for your name, address, phone number etc as it is outside the scope of my ethical clearance.

Please lend me 10 minutes of your time to help me complete my research.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 02/09/10 - 1:37 PM Permalink


I took your survey and filled it all out, but when I finished it gave no indication that it had been submitted ok, so I'm just assuming it went through.

Hope it did!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/09/10 - 12:58 AM Permalink

Link would be much more convenient than google instructions. Also your main splash says under construction, so there's no way for the user to get there....unless you've been there already!

Huzzah! ->

All the best with the report dude! I'd love to hear about it when you're done